Cougars Going Up!
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Cougars Going Up!
Cougars Going Up! Keighley Cougars Rugby League Yearbook 2003 Edited by David Kirkley Special offer £2.50 UK only, add £5 for postage overseas Two seasons ago Keighley Cougars were down and almost out of existence. From the heights of the champagne era in the 1990s when they dared to dream of rubbing shoulders with the big clubs they had almost hit the lows of oblivion. Typically they managed to pick themselves up and incredibly within two seasons were appearing in another Grand Final. This book includes: Full coverage of the 2003 season including a game-by-game review; Cougar legend Jason Ramshaw?s full career; Fascinating material on the club?s early history; A full record of significant dates in the club?s history. All Rugby League followers will enjoy this book on one of the game?s best known clubs. ADD £5 POSTAGE FOR ORDERS OUTSIDE THE UNITED KINGDOM
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